Mediation Services

There may be occasions where the debtor has not responded to the Demand Letter /Letter of Claim.

As an alternative to court proceedings we are able to offer assistance with mediation.

We charge on an hourly basis to review case papers relating to a mediation, and an hourly rate for the mediation meeting itself.

The hourly rate will depend on the seniority of the staff member instructed to deal with the matter, but on average the charge will be about £240.00 per hour to review or conduct the mediation meeting

Legal Action

If the debtor does not respond to the Demand letter(s), and mediation is not required or appropriate we are then able to assist through our solicitors in the issue of a claim in the County Court against the debtor.

We are able to provide assistance in helping you prepare the case papers and documents that you may need to file with the Court.

Preparation of the Claim:

If no payment or contact is received from the debtor, we would assist with the issue of a claim in the County Court through our solicitors against the debtor for the amount outstanding. This will include through our solicitors preparing the court form sending it to court and arrange for service of the court form on the debtor.

Requesting Judgment:

If the debtor does not provide a response to the claim form by the court allocated deadline, we will then assist through our solicitors with the request of Judgment in Default against the defendant. This means, you request the court to enter Judgment against the Defendant on the basis that there has been no response to the claim.

Defended Matters and Difficult Cases:

The debtor may respond to the Claim Form with a defence. In this case we can provide you with assistance and advice on your case through our solicitors. We can assist you with the preparation of any documents you might need to file with the Court.

On average we will charge £240.00 per hour to review and provide advice on your case, and through our solicitors to assist with preparation of any documents. Should any matter become particularly difficult or an extensive amount of time is required to deal with your case, we may need to discuss further fees

Hearings and Representation:

Should your claim progress to the stage where a hearing takes place, through our solicitors we can assist you with the preparation of your instructions to the advocate who will attend the hearing and will charge an hourly rate to prepare this.